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Cooking Demonstration

sawadika bistro

Cooking Demonstration Sawadika Bistro I had the pleasure of attending a Thai cooking demonstration, yesterday. With a group of twenty people, it wasn’t an easy feat for Sawadika Bistro, but they came through admirably. The Kitchen Due to the smallish size of the kitchen, we had to go in, eight at a time. To the… Read More

Poshtels – a new travel trend

Kaptol Hostel

Poshtels – a new travel trend This year’s greatest travel trend is the poshtel – a hybrid of hostel and boutique hotel. They’re the perfect solution for long-term, fund-challenged travellers Over 50. Why? The first reason to make a poshtel your home away from home is obvious. Price. For those on the road for a… Read More

Inner Calm for the Over 50s

alternative ways of thinking

Inner Calm for the Over 50s Since I’ve turned 50, I’ve sometimes felt the way I used to when I was a teenager: frustrated, indecisive, limited, confined, and yet I know the world is at my feet. I only need to see my way through the haze. Go out? What will I miss if I… Read More

Writing and Honesty

cliff over churning water

Writing and Honesty During one of my internet forays, I ran across an interesting article on Honesty and Writing. I agree with this writer’s premise. But the issue becomes thorny. What is truth? Is my truth the same as my neighbour’s? If you’d met my neighbour, you’d guess it’s not. And who gets to judge? Honesty,… Read More

Travel Memories – 2

cerveny kamen

Travel Memories – 2 Hrad Cerveny Kamen Hrad Cerveny Kamen (pronounced: Rad-CHER-ven-ee-KAH-men), or Red Stone Castle, is a 13th century castle, in the little Carpathian Mountains, near the village of Casta. According to our guide, the castle often rested on the shifting borders and was used as a bribe to acquire support or as a… Read More

30 Day Challenges for the Over 50s

30 day challenge for the over 50s

30 Day Challenges for the Over 50s Which Challenges? I really liked lifehacker’s ideas of what to change in thirty days: learn a new skill, change sleeping patterns, taking photos, etc. But I was looking for a selection that could open up our Over-50 way of thinking in health, spirituality, self-awareness and confidence. Here are the… Read More

Mulled Wine

mulled wine

Mulled Wine Montreal’s had the most brutal winter. Yesterday, for example, I walked the 2.5 km to my daughter’s house. I didn’t get halfway before I wondered what I was doing. My face was frozen solid despite the scarf, and I managed to keep walking, but I didn’t know if I’d ever feel my thighs… Read More

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