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Challenges As Gifts


Challenges As Gifts To see the best; the proverbial silver lining, in all aspects of our lives is a gift. Especially when it comes to challenging times. To be able to remove the fear from our lives and leave only the silver linings, now that would be the ultimate result. But how to achieve this?… Read More

10 Ways to Survive Stress

stress symptoms

10 Ways to Survive Stress I never seek stress, but I must have a honing beacon for it. It always seems to hang over me like an umbrella. Here are 10 ways I’ve found to lessen its impact on my body, mind and soul. 1) Classical music. I recently told my pregnant daughter to play… Read More

Happy Moments in Sunrises and Sunsets


Happy Moments in Sunrises and Sunsets There is a distinct connection between my state of happiness and whether or not I take the time to admire the sunsets and sunrises of my life. If I’m too preoccupied with worries or other activities to notice them, I know it’s time to reclaim the balance in my… Read More

Balancing Work and Play

work and play

Balancing Work and Play My whole life I’ve struggled with the balance of work and play. I’d find a business and work, day and night, until it became a success. I’m doing the same thing now, even if it’s not my business. Maybe I care too much? I remember a question the hiring committee of… Read More

Difficult People

life is difficult

Difficult People Even working from home, I ran across people who were difficult to deal with. Now, out in the work place, I meet so many more. And I consistently ask myself this question: How is it possible to handle these people without losing my cool? I’ve watched YouTube videos on better preparing for those… Read More

Snowshoeing Quebec – La Pimbina Sector

la Pimbina

m4s0n501 Snowshoeing Quebec – La Pimbina Sector La Pimbina Sector lies inside The Mont-Tremblant National Park, an hour and a half, north of Montreal. Most of the trails are not particularly difficult terrain, a fact that sat well with our participants. Too many of us still felt bogged down by Holiday festivities and forced confinement from… Read More

Over 50 Career Change

judi dench

Over 50 Career Change A complete change of work direction at fifty-eight? Although it may sound daunting, reality is, for many of us Over 50, whether forced or by choice, it’s become necessary to make this career change. I’ve recently done one myself. It’s been both fun and a struggle. The Job Search It was difficult for… Read More

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