Montagne d’Argent – Take 4

montagne d'argent

Montagne d’Argent made my Top 5 Quebec Hikes for the Live Out There Blog. Why? It’s an awesome mountain. Every season. Every week. Even every day, the terrain morphs, according to the previous day/week’s weather, and creates the most interesting hike. It’s like a whole new mountain, every time. The Trail Our plan was to do theRead More

Top 5 Quebec Hikes

top quebec hikes

Top 5 Quebec Hikes Since the province of Quebec has over 6000 kms of trails, it was tough to come up with a short list of top Quebec hikes. Inevitably, I had to follow my heart and present the four I love best. The last on the list is a marvel of human engineering andRead More

Are Shants The Worst Invention Ever?


The last pair of shants I bought lies in a garbage dump somewhere in Greece. They had to be the single most appalling clothing invention of all time – and as a staunch outdoor enthusiast, I’ve seen some weird things. At least, that’s what I thought until I went on a hike with a group,Read More

5 European Cities I Want To Visit

european cities

5 European Cities I Want To Visit 1. Gdansk, Poland. When I was in Wroclaw, Poland, all the locals could talk about was how gorgeous Gdansk was. And how I should visit it. From its geographical location, I imagine Gdansk to be a spectacular mix of chic, art, waterfront nightlife and thriving port off theRead More