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20 Things To Do When Bored


20 Things To Do When Bored Friends are busy or at work, and you’ve got some free time on your hands? What are you going to do with it? Here are 20 useful suggestions: 1) Make a bucket list. Without censoring, write down everything you want to finish up or do before you die. 2) Go… Read More

Harmonious Lives

cats of dubrovnik

Harmonious Lives What is a harmonious life? This question has rolled round and round in my mind, for months now. Did it mean a balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual? Or was a harmonious life happiness? This lofty word appeared too vague for me. And wouldn’t it vary according to the individual? I wanted something more solid. What other options could… Read More

Hiking Québec – Secteur Dufresne

secteur dufresne

Hiking Québec – Secteur Dufresne The Parc régional de Val-David-Val-Morin connects the two towns of Val-David and Val-Morin, situated 80 km north of Montreal. The area is hilly rather than mountainous, and the trails are more about getting out than challenging yourself. Secteur Dufresne is the section of the park that connects to Val-David. The park is… Read More

Hiking Québec – Mont Saint-Hilaire


Hiking Québec – Mont Saint-Hilaire Mont Saint-Hilaire is a natural reserve owned by McGill University, since 1958. According to their website, the preserved area holds the last remaining primeval forest of the region. The mountain offers 25 km of hiking/snowshoeing/cross-country trails. It’s proximity to Montreal – 36 km from the downtown core – makes it an ideal place… Read More

Rape Culture

rape culture

Rape Culture The term rape culture was first quoted in Noreen Connell and Cassandra Wilson’s book Rape: The First Sourcebook For Women, published in 1974. There are three elements to this ‘rape culture‘: negating and/or reducing the importance of rape, blaming the victim and assuming consent. 1. Negating and reducing the importance of rape Negating… Read More

Book Review: The Unconquered

the unconquered

Book Review: The Unconquered Every once in a while, a book comes along that really settles into your bones. You wake up with it on your mind. It’s the last thing you think about when you go to sleep. The Unconquered, by Scott Wallace, is such a book. The Setting and Main Characters The tale is… Read More

The Lost Glove


The Lost Glove I lost a glove on Montreal’s Mont-Royal park, yesterday. Such an occurrence would not normally incite angst within me, but since the beginning of fall, I’ve lost two hats, a woolen glove from another pair, a beloved earring from Croatia and now one of my favourite hiking gloves. At this rate, I’d lose a department store… Read More

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