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Coma – Part 3

car crash rescue tools

Coma – Part 3 Coma – Part 1 & 2 The smell of gas and heated metal padded the air. My right arm ached. An intense pressure rested on my chest. A man asked, “Madame, can you hear me?” I turned my head a bit toward his voice. My eyes wouldn’t open. I tried to nod. A sob… Read More

Coma – Part 2

Montreal's Highway 15

Coma – Part 2 Emotional pain escaped boxes and simple classifications. How did one come to terms and resolve things like a husband and his girlfriend? Or a baby on the way if it belonged to your husband, but not you? Physical pain was easier. It could be measured and a suitable remedy applied. The leg… Read More

Coma – Part 1

wine glass

Coma – Part 1 Saturday 6 pm – Our kitchen I tried to keep my voice calm. “What are you going to do?” When a husband of twenty- five years tells his wife he has a pregnant girlfriend, twenty-five years her junior, it’s not so easy. “I wanted Liz to have an abortion.” Michael pulled… Read More

Museum of Civilization – Gatineau, Quebec

museum of civilization

Museum of Civilization – Gatineau, Quebec The Museum of Civilization is our family’s favourite museum. Many, many times, we’ve made the trip to Ottawa, to stroll through their permanent collection and take in the temporary layouts. The Grand Hall The Grand Hall highlights the fascinating cultures of Canada’s First Nations. The museum is home to… Read More

Hiking Québec – Matawinie

brook at sentier matawinie

Hiking Québec – Matawinie Sentiers national Matawinie, in Québec, was this week’s awesome destination. The leader had prepared three drop-off points and four levels of hikes. Nine of us chose hike #2. The bus let us off at Drop-off A. We doubled-back the way we’d arrived and followed a gravel road from which Le Sentier des… Read More

Website Feedback

feedback loop

Website Feedback As I reach the nine and half month mark of writing on this blog, I want to thank all of my readers for the support they’ve given me. I’ve truly enjoyed having you and am grateful for the comments you’ve taken the time to write. Now, I’d like to make the experience better. I plan… Read More

Bullies At Work, How Do You Know?

i believe in you

Bullies At Work 1 & 2 Bullies At Work, How Do You Know? Do you question yourself on whether a particular behaviour is bullying?  What signs separate improper conduct from constructive criticism and direction from peers and people in charge? Was Gabriella’s story (Bullies At Work 1 & 2) bullying? Or was it a skewed… Read More