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6 Concepts We Can’t Logically Understand


6 Concepts We Can’t Logically Understand In the last hundred years, we’ve entrenched scientific principles into our everyday lives, but some concepts are undefinable by these perspectives. I feel grateful they’ve survived the ubiquitous rise of logic. 1. Santa Claus Despite every possible reason not to believe in Santa Claus, the custom lives on. And… Read More

What Christmas Carol Are You?

jingle bells plaque

What Christmas Carol Are You? Did you know Christmas Carols started as Pagan songs, enjoyed at the Winter Solstice and other season changes, and sung around stone circles? The meaning of the word Carol simply meant to dance to something. Enter the Christians. Around 129 A.D., Angel’s Hymn was sung in a Christian service in Rome. It… Read More

The Gift of Laughter for Christmas – Part 2

old man

The Gift of Laughter for Christmas – Part 2 Geraldine ran her index finger down the first line of items in the Canadian Tire Christmas flyer. They had a Keurig coffee machine on sale for $79! She looked over her reading glasses at the small counter by the bathroom. It held a microwave and a packaged popcorn machine.… Read More

The Gift of Laughter for Christmas

old man

The Gift of Laughter for Christmas What Geraldine craved was excitement. A little spice to brighten their boring life. Even at the age of seventy plus years, life shouldn’t be all agony and grieving for what they’d lost. She looked at the old, saddened faces around her table. The creases and ridges in their skin created works of art; etchings of… Read More

6 Curious Christmas Traditions

cherry blossoms

6 Curious Christmas Traditions Dressed As Santa 1. Switzerland Every year, the small town of Samnaun, in Switzerland, gathers round their Santa World Championship. Teams dressed as Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Jolly Old St Nick attest to their abilities to complete the cross-training version of Santa’s tasks. Competitions include chimney climbing, sled races, obstacle courses, snowshoeing and gingerbread… Read More

5 Québecois Holiday Songs

christmas in Old Quebec

5 Québecois Holiday Songs Although I was raised in Northern Alberta, I was surrounded by towns full of Québecois from Northern Québec. Like here, in Québec, our decorations were put up at home and in the community halls and churches. Choirs practised for months for the holiday season and performed at all kinds of activities, not just… Read More

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