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Across Canada – Day 4


Across Canada – Day 4 Have you missed Across Canada – Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3? I swam in the hotel pool and soaked in the hot tub, last night. And I had an amazing sleep. I feel good, but I’m not going to get hyped up about how far I can go.… Read More

Across Canada – Day 3

northern ontario

Across Canada – Day 3 I’ve done this trip enough times to know the third day is usually a good one. Routine has set in. The body and mind know what to do. If you’ve missed: Across Canada – Day 1 and Day 2. Unfortunately, this time, it’s not the case. My back is still sore,… Read More

Across Canada – Day 2

lake superior

Across Canada – Day 2 6:12 am – Pulling out. Kilometre counter at 927.7 km from yesterday. 7:07 am – Counter at 1006.8 km. I miss a sign and spend some time sightseeing Sault Ste Marie. Watch for moose signs. Tons of them. 10:13 am – Reach Wawa. Trying to find a positive in a… Read More

Across Canada – Day 1

lake huron

Across Canada – Day 1 6: 24 am – I pull away from my building. The sun is bright, the temperature in low 20’s. After our cold winter and lack of spring, I’m a bit sad to leave with the weather so beautiful. 6:32 am – Am on highway 40. Heading west. Traffic is light.… Read More

Across Canada – Getting Ready

across canada map

Across Canada – Getting Ready As departure day approaches, I find myself tearing around, trying to finish everything at my work and home. Until my daughter went into early labor, last week, I thought I had at least a week or two, before leaving. Her and her darling little boy are doing well. I can’t wait… Read More

Finding the Higher Self

higher self

Finding the Higher Self When I was young, my mother told me the higher self was the God of our Catholic beliefs. The idea of another eternal being was too preposterous. In fact, she was so entrenched in her perspective that, to her, it was sacrilegious to even consider such a possibility. I was not so convinced.… Read More

10 Ways to Recharge Your Day

give your day a boost

10 Ways to Recharge Your Day 1. Go outside Whatever floor you work/live on, head down to the front entrance  – take the stairs if you can –  and step outside the door. Instead of concentrating on pressing problems, take a deep breath and really look at the world around you. Try to find/see aspects of your surroundings… Read More

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