Why Do I Hike?

why i hike?

Why do I hike? The last time I related our hike to Table Top Mountain to one of my friends – it was a rough six hours under pouring rain – she shook her head in disbelief. “And how was this fun?” she asked. Yes, it’s difficult to explain why hikers put themselves through grueling trails andRead More

Noonmark and Round

noonmark and round

Noonmark and Round I’d been to the Adirondack’s Noonmark Mountain before, but had circumvented Round Mountain by Round Pond (trail 46 below). Neither of these mountains were 46ers (top 46 peaks in the Adirondacks), but I’d been told the trails were nice and the views spectacular. The Trail The exact plan was to hike trail 43 to Noonmark, downRead More

Merino: how long before it smells?


Merino: how long before it smells? Merino manufacturers claim their merino wool and its products are odor-resistant. I’ve long been an advocate of Icebreaker clothing, but had never tested this claim. And I was curious. What did odor-resistant mean, exactly? I pulled a couple of Icebreaker items out of my closet: a racerback undershirt andRead More

Hiking the Adirondacks – Big Slide

big slide

Hiking the Adirondacks – Big Slide We couldn’t have picked a better day for our hike to Big Slide, the 27th highest peak in the Adirondacks.  The sky was blue, and  the sun warmed the air around us from the minute we arrived. The organizer had told us we’d be packing snowshoes. I’d almost cancelledRead More

What I Hate About Group Hiking

group hiking

What I Hate About Group Hiking The concept of group hiking is greatly misunderstood. Group means all together. Hiking means you might go through tough terrain. Group hiking means the pace is as quick as the slowest hiker, regardless of the landscape. Since the trail conditions often mean isolation from the outside, specific actions (or theRead More