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road to Andorra

Purposing While on a hike, there is no choice. I concentrate on the trail at my feet and plan for the upcoming terrain. The introspection prominent during these solo times deals mostly with the past. Rarely does it scan a possible future. But purposing is the future. What do I see on the road ahead? Am I heading for… Read More

Hiking Quebec – Sentier du Mont Ouareau

mont ouvreau

Hiking Quebec – Sentier du Mont Ouareau The day was a sunny but cold one. Gusts of wind had us tucking in our neck warmers and pulling down our caps. With the warm fall we’d experienced in Montreal, most of us hadn’t anticipated the temperature drop. The Trail Fall brought its own trail conditions. Mud,… Read More

A Quick Visit To Basel


A Quick Visit To Basel I was only in Basel for one day, but the city has etched itself into my heart. Below is a short list for a quiet twenty-four hours, with both free and paid things to do. Basel, and most cities I checked in Switzerland, offer free public transportation while staying within their boundaries.… Read More

Le Salon du Chocolat

Salon du chocolat

Le Salon du Chocolat Today is the last day of the Salon du Chocolat, in Paris. Anyone within reasonable proximity should make the effort to go. It’s truly outstanding. The Entertainment Along with the endless supply of chocolate pieces to taste – I felt sick after an hour of nibbling on these delightful tidbits –… Read More

Airbnb and The Catacombs


Airbnb and The Catacombs Airbnb rented The Catacombs for one night at a price of €350,000, from the city of Paris. Can you guess which night? Hallowe’en. Of course! The Contest This unusual accommodation wasn’t obtained to make money, at least not directly. It was for publicity. Airbnb offered a contest for two, the prize a night’s sleep among… Read More

On The Road – Cumbria


On The Road – Cumbria Ambleside People in England’s Lake District were genuinely nice. Even before I’d managed to find my guesthouse on Ambleside’s mile-long Lake Road – not an easy feat with no house numbers – I’d come to this conclusion. Below was the view from my bedroom window at Lyndale Guesthouse. The fall… Read More

On The Road – Back in Barcelona


On The Road – Back in Barcelona The day after my fall in Andorra, I woke with a bump on the right side of my head, a sore left hip, my left leg hurt all the way up past my left knee and my right arm felt heavier than it should have. It seemed I’d twisted… Read More

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