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Living Apart But Together

couple hand in hand

Living Apart But Together The Setting All four of us in the vehicle had shared a fantastic hike. And now, we felt relaxed as we chatted on our way home. The driver was a fifty-two year old man who’d separated from his wife of twenty years, five months before. In the front passenger seat was a… Read More

Hiking the Adirondacks – Table Top Mountain

summit of Table Top

Hiking the Adirondacks – Table Top Mountain The Adirondack Lodge We arrived at the historic Adirondack Loj around 10:45 am. Situated near Lake Placid, in New York State, this lovely building is owned and run by the Adirondack Mountain Club. The lodge has washrooms, information for hikers and campers and sells good trail books. A… Read More

Turmoil and the Tarot Reader

tumoil tornado

Turmoil and the Tarot Reader I’ve had a brutal week. Last weekend, I had a disagreement with one of my daughters. We’ve never had anything we couldn’t get over. Any of us. And I wasn’t sure how serious it was. How do you judge terrain you’ve never navigated till you’re past it? Wednesday Night I… Read More

Perspectives of Behaviour

Rowan Atkin on car

Perspectives of Behaviour I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. I hear from some people, it’s not all good. But who’s it not good for? Me or them? How much should we alter who we are to please those we truly love?

Hiking Québec – Le Carcan

Yellow mushroom at Le Carcan

Hiking Québec – Le Carcan (Parc du Mont-Tremblant) Getting There The skies hung heavy with grey clouds, and it rained almost the full hour and a half north. Not far past the quaint little town of St-Donat, we stopped to register. Then we got back in our cars and drove another 13 km to the trail… Read More

Cleaning the Toilet; How to Change Everything


Cleaning the Toilet; How to Change Everything Yesterday, I read an article on Elephant Journal, entitled Why One Life Hack Can Change Everything. In this well-written piece, Tamara Star explained how we can’t ignore parts of our lives without unbalancing the whole. For example, she said, if money was slow in coming in, then we were slower… Read More

Rob Ford for Mayor? Again?

Toronto skyline

Rob Ford for Mayor? Again? I’d heard nothing, in recent news, of the (in)famous Ford brothers, from Toronto. Was Rob Ford running in this fall’s mayoral race? What I found shocked me.