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Le Salon du Chocolat – The Event of the Year

Le Salon du Chocolat

Le Salon du Chocolat – The Event of the Year If gave out yearly awards to the very best events, Le Salon du Chocolat would take the prize for 2014. The event takes place from October 30 – November 2nd, 2014, in Paris, France. If you’re in the neighbourhood… Le Salon du Chocolat is really… Read More

On Regrets

success is not always apparent

m4s0n501 On Regrets Many of the conversations I’ve had or overheard over the last few months centred on the issue of regrets. “I should have had her job,” one woman said to another. “Didn’t work hard enough, I guess.” As we hiked up the mountain, a man said, “If my wife had been willing to… Read More

I missed my flight!

westjet plane

I missed my flight! I missed my flight back to Montreal. I know, I know. It sounds stupid. The date at the top of my itinerary said October 8 – 18. This meant I returned on the 18th. Right? I’ve flown enough to be aware that arrival date is not necessary the return date. And yet,… Read More

Hiking Québec – Le Toit des Laurentides

le toit des laurentides

Hiking Québec – Le Toit des Laurentides Clouds hung over Parc Mont-Tremblant, an hour and a half north of Montreal, but lighter sections along the horizon gave us hope for a sunny day. We bundled up and headed to the entrance of the 14.6 km trail: Le Toit des Laurentides. The Climb The trail climbed at… Read More

Incredible Journey #8 – The Corfu Trail

old corfu town

Incredible Journey #8 – The Corfu Trail Hiking trails across the world are numerous, but most of the high-profile ones like: Annapurna, West Coast Trail, Appalachian Trail, El Camino del Rey, etc, demand an intermediate or advanced level of skill to hike and finish. The Corfu Trail, on the island of Corfu, has the length… Read More

Toronto’s Vote For Mayor: Blast Off!

toronto harbor

Toronto’s Vote For Mayor: Blast Off! Toronto’s vote for mayor has opened its advanced polls. And guess who was kicked out of three of them? If you blurted out Doug Ford (like I did), you got it right.  The expulsions were proceeded by a letter, explaining election rules to Mr. Ford. No, Mr. Ford, you are… Read More

Coming To Terms With Life Over 50

50 candles

Coming To Terms With Life Over 50 Youth brings with it a flood of optimism and a swell of opportunities. It promises expansion and unlimited growth. Once at Life Over 50, this flood, swell and growth matures into a stream  – a brook in the forest, bubbling over rocks and teeming with the life of… Read More

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